2016 Presentation Day

The tide came to the party, but the sun didn’t want to.  (Santa must have bought the cooler weather with him from the North Pole.)

Congratulations to all our Place getters for 2016, and a huge shout out to those who received our special awards:

Appreciation awards went to: Raelene Roby, Anthony Johnson & Kath Bendall

A Decade of Dedication & Service – Wayne & Maryanne Mather

President’s Award – Bec Kingma

Ben Simmons – Club Person of the Year

Most Improved – Bronson Saward

Achievement Award – Dante Hyam

Junior Club Champion – Bailey Gillam

Senior Club Champion – Jack Hollis

Check out the pics here

2016 Racer Participation Award List

All racers competing in 4 or more rounds in the 2016 Nowra MX Championship will receive a participation trophy at the 2016 Presentation Day on the 19th November

Not of the list? Please notify us ASAP

Airey- Tanah Senior Lites Clubman
Attard- Corey Junior Lites
Attard- Lani 50 Nippers
Binns- Ryan Junior Lites
Bowers- Cameron Junior Lites
Bradley- Blaze 85 9-U12
Brotherton- Glen 65 7-U10
Brotherton- Tom 85 12-U14
Clamor-Power- Declan 50 Div2
Conlon- Nick Senior All Powers
Crowe- Riley 85 9-U12
Crowe- Riley 65 10-U12
Delatorre- Sean Junior Lites
Denyer- Jaxon 65 7-U10
Earl- Oscar 50 Div2
Earl- Oscar 65 7-U10
Filmer- Jared 65 10-U12
Filmer- Kyle 85 12-U14
French- Aaron 85 12-U14
French- Caleb Junior Lites
Friend- Craig Senior Over 35 All Powers
Friend- Jasmin 85 9-U12
Friend- Jasmin 65 10-U12
Gielisse- Sonny 50 Nippers
Glennan- Jett 50 Div2
Gow- Kurt Senior All Powers
Hamilton- Cody Junior Lites
Hantis- Jacob 85 9-U12
Harvie- Asthon 85 9-U12
Harvie- Cooper Junior Lites
Harvie- Cooper 85 12-U14
Hills- Mason 65 7-U10
Hyam- Dante Junior Lites
Hyam- Dante 85 12-U14
Jones- Braydon 65 10-U12
Jones- Daniel Senior All Powers
Jones- Daniel Senior Over 35 All Powers
Jones- Riley 50 Div2
Jones- Riley 65 7-U10
Keenan- Kaine 85 9-U12
Koellner- Tim Junior Lites
Kohlenberg- Ryan Senior Lites Clubman
Lanfear- Dale Senior All Powers
Lanfear- Dale Senior Lites Clubman
Langenegger- Kaleb 50 Div2
Langenegger- Ken Senior Over 35 All Powers
Matthews- Drew Junior Lites
McAdam- Brock Junior Lites
McDonald- Harry Senior Lites Clubman
McHugh- Justin 50 Div2
McQuiggin- Kade 65 7-U10
Miles- Andrew Senior Over 35 All Powers
Montgomery- Dylan Junior Lites
Murphy- Adam Senior Over 35 All Powers
Murray- Sam Junior Lites
O Meley- Brodie 65 7-U10
Oneill- Allan Senior Over 35 All Powers
Oneill- Deegan 50 Nippers
Owen- Lachlan Senior Lites Clubman
Parrish- Brent Senior Lites Clubman
Payne- Billy 85 12-U14
Perrin- Nathan Senior Lites Clubman
Pike- Isaac Junior Lites
Power- Bradley Senior All Powers
Robinson- Keano 50 Div2
Robinson- Keano 65 7-U10
Robinson- Laine Senior Lites Clubman
Robinson- Neo 65 10-U12
Roby- Finn Junior Lites
Sankovic- Dejan 50 Nippers
Sharpe- Joel Senior Lites Clubman
Simmons- Matthew Senior All Powers
Small- Darren Senior Over 35 All Powers
Small- Henry 65 7-U10
Thompson- Levi 50 Nippers
Walters- Joel 65 10-U12
Walton- Curtis Senior Lites Clubman
Walton- Todd Senior Over 35 All Powers
Westcott- Braydon Senior All Powers
White- Izak 85 12-U14
White- Jayden 85 12-U14
White- Samuel Senior Lites Clubman
Wise- Barry Senior Over 35 All Powers
Wise- Gavin Senior All Powers
Wise- Kobi 50 Nippers

Nowra Motor Cycle Club Annual General Meeting

Notice of Nowra MCC annual general meeting
All 2016 Registered Ordinary Senior, Life and Junior Members representatives of the Nowra Motorcycle Club are invited to the 2016 Nowra MCC AGM to be held at the Tomerong Town Hall on the 3rd of December at 10.00am
Nominations for the 2017/2018 Nowra MCC Board of Directors are now OPEN
Nomination Forms are available from the Nowra MCC website All nominations are to be forwarded to the Club Secretary before COB 23rd of November 2016
Can’t make it to the AGM make your vote counts. Proxie vote form available from 24th November

Nowra Cup

The Nowra Cup was a great way to finish an awesome year, a handicap race that saw everyone with an equal chance at winning.
Stay tuned for video footage, but first, the results:
Juniors: 1st Place – Jayden White ,  2nd Place – Brock McAdam,  3rd Place – Ashley O’Meley
Seniors: 1st Place – Dale Lanfear,  2nd Place – Laine Robinson,  3rd Place – Craig Friend

A huge THANK YOU to Wayne Mather, who as usual put in hours of work behind the scenes to make this race happen.